amaya and help files


Can someone tell me about Amaya's capabilities for building online
help pages (on the web)?

I'm looking for tools, Amaya or not, to help build online web pages that
will be the help for my program.  The help pages will be pretty simple --
they are mostly text, with some screen shots.  The apges should also
have some navigational buttons like BACK and UP that are generated
automatically by whatever tool that I use to build the help pages.

I've looked at HelpScribble, and was wondering if Amaya has similar
capabilities with respect to online help.  Specifically, do people use
Amaya to build help files like this, and is there support in Amaya or
Amaya add-ons that aid in building help files, i.e., indexes, tables of
contents, the two-frame view with the tree view in the left frame and
the page contents in the right frame, and navigation buttons like BACK
and UP?  If Amaya is not appropriate for this, then is there a standard
open-source tool that people use?

(This is my first post here -- I didn't see anything in the FAQ so I'm
sorry if this is not the right place to ask this.)


Received on Thursday, 17 April 2003 21:57:46 UTC