Re: Bug report : system requires more virtual memory

> As I'm interressed on SVG topic, I installed it, it was quick and 
> everything went fine.
> But as I launched it I got warnings : "your system requires more virtual 
> memory" ... then the location bar and all th icons were greyish ...

There is a bug on winXP and OpenGL, that might depend on 3d hardware:

Could you precise what Video Card you have ?

> I turned all the other app off and try to go to .
> It froze and gave no response to the system.

There is an inifinite loop somewhere when rendering, We'll work 
on it.

> I'll try it at home on my linux box as soon as I have a decent 
> connection.

the bug on linuxfr is on all platform but you could try SVG animation, 
until the final amaya 8 version

Thanks for the report.


Received on Thursday, 17 April 2003 06:05:51 UTC