Re: Announcement] Amaya 8.0-pre

> On Tuesday 15 April 2003 12:33, Irene Vatton wrote:
> > This version includes new important features:
> Perhaps one more comment:
> The New says "Amaya now allows to create/change a link without using the 
> mouse." and now when I hit control-k, it *immediately* pops up a URL entry 
> field, and I can't click on another amaya window to set the link. I presume 
> I should hit the "click" button on the URL dialog and then click the target 
> window, but that just reopens a blank url dialog? Also, in the 
> documentation, I'm not sure what it means "in the first case" and "in the 
> second case" .

Thank you Joseph for having pointing this bug out. It is now fixed.
Concerning the documentation, maybe it needs to be clearer. I'll have a look 
on it before the release


Ps: I just read your message. I'm surprised and sad you are leaving the 

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