Re: amaya won't start due to font problems

> I attach my strace output.

It helps a lot, here's my thought on your output :

It looks for a configuration file named :
/etc/gtk/gtkrc or ~/.gtkrc
And there is no file. 

So I thinks the problem comes from the gtk - gnome conflict:
(As we cannot reproduce the bug here and we haven't installed gnome)
It seems that the gnome transition prevents you from running pure-gtk apps...
From what I read here, gtkrc files should be on your filesystem :

How did your pure gtk apps (no gnome inside) find your theme defined fonts ?

As I have no idea it could work without, could you try the debian package named "gtk-theme-switch"
Perhaps it will make your gtk theme exists in a way pur gtk can handle it ?


Received on Monday, 16 June 2003 03:54:42 UTC