Re: A little scrolling bug

Irene Vatton wrote:

>On Thu, 27 Mar 2003 23:04:05 -0300
>Juan Lanus <> wrote:
>>This is to report a small issue with scrolling.
>>To see it please open in your Windows 2000 PC   :-)
>>in a window with a height so you can see up to the "Open Source" H2 title.
>>Now press the cursor down key until the end of the page.
>>Last step is to scroll back with page up 2 ot 3 times: a blank area 
>>appears now at the top of the page.
>>I enclose an image of the effect in a rather small window for the 
>>Windows-challenged Amaya users who want to see it.
>>Juan Lanus
>Amaya doesn't format the whole document when it's a large document.
>So when you scroll down and up, Amaya frees the undisplayed
>formatted part and regenerates the new displayed part.
>Doing that, it has some problems when it reaches the top of the document.
>It could allocate too many space and a blank area appears at the top of the page.
>One solution should be to format the whole document, but that will decrease the
>editing performances.
Yes, I have noticed, specially when there are two or more tables.
The solution is to check if the beginning of the document is being 
displayed and if yen then set it at the top of the window, unconditionally.


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