using amaya as editor

A simple task --- well not so

I start with a new document and ask to set up a textarea
Amaya requests action ???  I SUSPECT IT IS FORCING A FORM
    WHICH IS NOT WHAT I WANT... it allows null ???
it then asks for name of control .... null is acceptable ???
but i now want to add style to the control .... 
and the attribute menu item is a kludge --- one at a time 
    and none of the good ones applicable to textarea
   and a jump in menu items .... the dialog should just be there
  and with many attributes allowed at once.
i got to point where i looked at source view ...  oh they stuck me 
 with attributes row and column set to THEIR values. but gee
doesn't everyone use style for this sort of thing now..... 
As an xhtml editor Amaya is neither fish nor fowl. Perhaps if the
assertion about not needing html is removed from the Overview 
page and the emphasis is placed on the complex situations that
Amaya is ideal for and in fact has no peer (mathml/svg/xml)  i would be
much happier. I sure don't tell my students about it. 

John Russell, VE3LL@RAC.CA (2 L's as in LLAMA)
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Received on Thursday, 12 June 2003 11:00:13 UTC