Re: Announcement] Amaya 8.0-pre

On Tuesday 15 April 2003 12:33, Irene Vatton wrote:
> This version includes new important features:
>   - new Accessibility features like access keys in Windows versions
>   - SVG transformation and SMIL animation in OpenGL and WinGL versions
>   - Support of the CSS property float.
>   - Insertion of MathML and SVG elements within XML documents
>   - Integration of the new 0.95 version of the expat XML parser.
>   + several bug fixes

Woohoo! <smile/> A couple of notes from my buglog/wishlist:

3. Bug: Not all id are shown when "show target" is selected. For example,
isn't showing the bullseye.
4. Wish: bounce (increase/decrease) the nesting level of nested
lists easily.
5. Wish: A shortcut key for skipping/replacing+next in the spell checker so 
I don't have to rely upon the mouse and compex navigation to quickly move
through the document.

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