Amaya 8.0 pre-realease bugs


Some bugs in Win 98 Amaya 8.0 pre-realease:

1. Alt+Space crashes Amaya (stack error in Kernel32.dll)

2. Access keys as defined in Amaya help pages are in conflict with
new menu access keys. For instance, Alt+n both links to the following page
and opens Annotations menu.

3. Cooperation menu does not work. Should it be disabled (shown in grey

Other issues:

1. When inserting an image, the browse dialog for choosing the image shows
several image file types (gif, jpg, png, bmp). bmp should not be shown,
should it?

2. When linking an external CSS file (Style > Link), the browse dialog for
choosing the CSS file shows the html fyle type as default. Can you change
default type to CSS?

3. When opening an external CSS file (Style > Open), the width of the dialog
box is too short and it can not be modified. If there are several linked CSS
and their paths are long, the names can not be seen. Please, allow resizing
the dialog box (if possible) or make it larger.
The same problem is present in Style > Disable or Style > Remove.

Best regards,
Bartolomé Sintes (

Received on Monday, 21 April 2003 16:39:08 UTC