Re: Is it possible to use one SVG to contain other SVGs, in a way that also enables the user to copy the contained SVGs and paste them into another document, for instance into ms Word?

> your example does not display in amaya7.1 on max os x10.2, or amaya7.2 
> on msXP for me,

It worked on my local hard drive...
I found out a problem in file mime-type problem with my provider !
Until I can solve the problem, you should download the two files locally in the same directory :

test them from here...
(you should try the 8.0 version (specially the OpenGL that is far more stable on XP now and allow transformation and animation...))

> the colorbox looks great when linked too directly.
> Please can you post me another? 

It's a sample from the SVG library that's in Amaya (XML->SVG->Show SVG LIBRARY)
There's more in (the SVGs are in the Amaya/config/libsvg/ directory)
You should definitly check it out... Did you manage to use it ?

>assuming it works for you, can you 
>confirm that the colorbox only is copied as a single entity and not a 
>part of it, or the <svg> containing <use> . 

Not sure to understand the statement here...
The svg containing the colorbox could contains lots of <symbol> tags containing graphics entity,
the results would be the same, as the <use> specify to link only the one named "colorbox"
(as in <use xlink:href="colorbox.svg#colorbox">)

Look at the new version I've done in order to be more explicit:
in colorbox.svg there are two group defining a different box..
And in the main view (New.svg), you can add them separatly or add the same twice,
even change some inherited properties (stroke), etc. 
try removing in New.svg the first box (select it then usr the del key.) other box from the same file 
are still there.

>These are my main concerns, 
>one reason not to use amaya, is that print preview is limited, but this 
>is perhaps not critical, only a consideration.

It's important that you point out your needs in order to make us aware of them.
If we found out that it's a big need, we can consider adding "print preview".


Received on Thursday, 15 May 2003 01:56:59 UTC