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"John Russell" <> wrote:

> A simple task --- well not so
> I start with a new document and ask to set up a textarea
> Amaya requests action ???  I SUSPECT IT IS FORCING A FORM
>     WHICH IS NOT WHAT I WANT... it allows null ???

I know the specification changed since we implemented forms
and now you can create an textarea outside a form which
can be handled by a srcipt.
This change will be done as soon as possible.

> it then asks for name of control .... null is acceptable ???
> but i now want to add style to the control .... 
> and the attribute menu item is a kludge --- one at a time 
>     and none of the good ones applicable to textarea

When you select the textarea the attribute menu displays
all attributes applicable to it.
It's what I tried to explain in my previous answer.

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