Re: questions

Hello Bela,

Version 6.1 is quite an old one. We had a problem with the install
shield update maybe about that time.

You should uninstall Amaya, then install the new version. That
should set you up.

For the language translation, you can read the doc available at:

(there's a typo in the anchor name)

If you hurry up, we can use your translations and demo Amaya in
Hungarian in the Web conference :)



On Wed, Apr 30, 2003 at 02:46:59AM -0400, wrote:
> after upgrading on a Win2000 system from ver6.1 to ver8.0 (downloading the
> autoinstaller exe file, double clicking, starting after ending of setup) I
> can't see anything: after opening a valid htm or html file (formerly edited
> and wiewed by several browsers, as Opera, Netscape, MSIE) on the screen is
> nothing to see only the title of the page in the appropriate field. In the
> source wiew I see an empty sceleton of a new page, but not the loaded page.
> What to do to enjoy the newer version?
>    What to do if somebody want to help and make the hungarian language
>    version?

Received on Wednesday, 30 April 2003 13:09:46 UTC