from April to June 2005 by thread

rq23 v1.409 Seaborne, Andy (Thursday, 30 June)

disclosures pages Eric Prud'hommeaux (Wednesday, 29 June)

WSDL implications Seaborne, Andy (Tuesday, 28 June)

Review: Query Result Form --> need COUNT ? Souripriya Das (Tuesday, 28 June)

Re: propose to make syntax-qname-08-rq and syntax-qname-14-rq OBSOLETE (Tuesday, 28 June)

IRI normalization Eric Prud'hommeaux (Tuesday, 28 June)

propose to make syntax-qname-08-rq and syntax-qname-14-rq OBSOLETE (Monday, 27 June)

agenda: RDF Data Access 28 Jun Dan Connolly (Monday, 27 June)

Implementation Report: SPARQL/P Seaborne, Andy (Monday, 27 June)

Refining Optionals Seaborne, Andy (Monday, 27 June)

a little fun with the issues list Dan Connolly (Friday, 24 June)

solution modifiers & construct/describe Kendall Clark (Wednesday, 22 June)

erp, I meant 1.406 Kendall Clark (Wednesday, 22 June)

rq23, 1.407 Kendall Clark (Wednesday, 22 June)

cancel 21 Jun RDF DAWG teleconference Dan Connolly (Monday, 20 June)

regrets for tomorrows tcon (Monday, 20 June)

Update to defns for Dataset matching Seaborne, Andy (Friday, 17 June)

'.' in (but not ending) a QName (Wednesday, 15 June)

Grammar question re: ASK Kendall Clark (Wednesday, 15 June)

sop:isBound or sop:bound Seaborne, Andy (Tuesday, 14 June)

Review: Minor typo in sec 10.1 (under OFFSET heading) rq23 1.394 Souripriya Das (Tuesday, 14 June)

Agenda: RDF Data Access 14Jun Dan Connolly (Monday, 13 June)

Regrets for June 14th teleconf Janne Saarela (Monday, 13 June)

xsi:type on sparql:literal elements Eric Prud'hommeaux (Sunday, 12 June)

Re: Updated definitions (constraint) Dan Connolly (Friday, 10 June)

Reviewers comments : thanks! Seaborne, Andy (Friday, 10 June)

giving some serious thought to namespace names (wsdlAbstractProtocol) Dan Connolly (Thursday, 9 June)

Review. Error - Section 10.1 ORDER BY examples dont match grammar Steve Harris (Thursday, 9 June)

Review. Section 11.1.1 Error in promotion/type pecification? Steve Harris (Thursday, 9 June)

editorial comments sec 2.6 - 2.8 Jeen Broekstra (Thursday, 9 June)

Review: Typo - Section 9.3 Steve Harris (Thursday, 9 June)

Review. Error - Section 9.3 Missing BASE? Steve Harris (Thursday, 9 June)

review of rq23 1.377 Kendall Clark (Thursday, 9 June)

Restructure definition of Basic Graph Pattern and pattern match (sec 2.4) Jeen Broekstra (Thursday, 9 June)

sparql language editorial comments section 2.1-2.5 Jeen Broekstra (Thursday, 9 June)

Review. Comment - Section 2.5 bnode results Steve Harris (Thursday, 9 June)

Review. Clarification - Section 2.1 result forms Steve Harris (Thursday, 9 June)

Review. Comment - Section 2.1 canonical query form Steve Harris (Thursday, 9 June)

toward last call for SPARQL QL Dan Connolly (Wednesday, 8 June)

separate interfaces/operations for CONSTRUCT and SELECT Jeen Broekstra (Wednesday, 8 June)

Definition: Solution Sequence Modifier Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 7 June)

'FILTER' '(' Expression ')' Eric Prud'hommeaux (Tuesday, 7 June)

on str() and uri() and useMentionOp Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 7 June)

separate bindings and graph operations wsdlAbstractProtocol Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 7 June)

agenda: RDF Data Access 7 Jun Dan Connolly (Monday, 6 June)

chair at risk for 14 Jun, 21 Jun teleconferences Dan Connolly (Monday, 6 June)

scribe for tomorrow 7 Jun? Dan Connolly (Monday, 6 June)

chapters 7, 8 and 9 reworded for option (2) Source Eric Prud'hommeaux (Thursday, 2 June)

Slightly different approach to rq23-like features Steve Harris (Thursday, 2 June)

import functions and operators from MathML rather than XPath/XQuery? (valueTesting) Dan Connolly (Thursday, 2 June)

Name of a graph? and FROM and FROM NAMED Yoshio FUKUSHIGE (Thursday, 2 June)

Q about 05-algae-graphs Seaborne, Andy (Wednesday, 1 June)

formatted references in SPARQL QL spec Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 31 May)

Minutes: RDF Data Access 31 May 2005 Eric Prud'hommeaux (Tuesday, 31 May)

Proposal from the telecon 2005-05-31 Seaborne, Andy (Tuesday, 31 May)

test cases for fromUnionQuery, please Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 31 May)

Syntax issues from #swig Seaborne, Andy (Tuesday, 31 May)

possible syntax changes Dave Beckett (Tuesday, 31 May)

agenda: RDF Data Access 31 May Dan Connolly (Monday, 30 May)

regrets Kendall Clark (Thursday, 26 May)

[Fwd: Comments on ORDER BY] Seaborne, Andy (Thursday, 26 May)

Minutes : RDF Data Access telecon : 24 May 2005 Seaborne, Andy (Wednesday, 25 May)

regrets Yoshio FUKUSHIGE (Tuesday, 24 May)

regrets for today Jeen Broekstra (Tuesday, 24 May)

Call for Participation: W3C Workshop on XML Schema 1.0 User Experiences (Monday, 23 May)

agenda: RDF Data Access 24 May Dan Connolly (Monday, 23 May)

Minutes of the 2005-05-17 RDF DAWG teleconference for review Janne Saarela (Thursday, 19 May)

apologies and regrets for dawg telcons Dave Beckett (Wednesday, 18 May)

Comments on SPARQL Ashok Malhotra (Monday, 16 May)

agenda: RDF Data Access 17 May (in progress) Dan Connolly (Monday, 16 May)

regrets for 20051517 telecon Eric Prud'hommeaux (Monday, 16 May)

protocol draft updated, open issue proposals Kendall Clark (Saturday, 14 May)

Call for Participation: W3C Workshop on XML Schema 1.0 User Experiences (Friday, 13 May)

Result formats Steve Harris (Wednesday, 11 May)

remaining issues, last call schedule Dan Connolly (Monday, 9 May)

Happy with XQuery/XPath last call specs? Dan Connolly (Monday, 9 May)

mapping to WSDL (e.g. wsdl:endpoint)? Yoshio FUKUSHIGE (Monday, 9 May)

reminder: no teleconference this week (non-agenda) Dan Connolly (Monday, 9 May)

some HTTP traces for SPARQL Dan Connolly (Friday, 6 May)

definition of "SPARQL Query", sharing between QL and protocol specs Dan Connolly (Friday, 6 May)

construct starting to feel like a separate interface Dan Connolly (Friday, 6 May)

toward HTTP traces for SPARQL Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 3 May)

questions on SADDLE Yoshio Fukushige (Tuesday, 3 May)

Apologies Steve Harris (Tuesday, 3 May)

protocol draft updated Kendall Clark (Monday, 2 May)

agenda: RDF Data Access 3 May Dan Connolly (Monday, 2 May)

building tests Eric Prud'hommeaux (Monday, 2 May)

publish protocol and XML results format Eric Prud'hommeaux (Monday, 2 May)

Minutes of DAWG telecon 2005-04-26 Eric Prud'hommeaux (Monday, 2 May)

Call for Exclusions: SPARQL Protocol for RDF Ian B. Jacobs (Monday, 2 May)

Fwd: SPARQL logo? Alberto Reggiori (Wednesday, 27 April)

sparql query WD examples in tests problems Dave Beckett (Wednesday, 27 April)

SPARQL logo? Yoshio FUKUSHIGE (Wednesday, 27 April)

saddle Kendall Clark (Tuesday, 26 April)

Fine tuning the rq23 grammar Seaborne, Andy (Tuesday, 26 April)

turtle and sparql sync - punctuationSyntax Dave Beckett (Monday, 25 April)

agenda: RDF Data Access 26 Apr (running late) Dan Connolly (Monday, 25 April)

An alternative namespace for XML Schema datatypes Howard Katz (Monday, 25 April)

SPARQL Query Results XML Format Dave Beckett (Monday, 25 April)

Variable names and NCNAMES Seaborne, Andy (Monday, 25 April)

more sorting test cases Jeen Broekstra (Monday, 25 April)

blog conversations about sparql Dan Connolly (Friday, 22 April)

URI/IRI concrete and abstract syntax Dan Connolly (Thursday, 21 April)

str and URIs Dan Connolly (Thursday, 21 April)

[Fwd: :​ss/issues#useMentionOp] Dan Connolly (Thursday, 21 April)

Optional WHERE and WHERE {} Dave Beckett (Thursday, 21 April)

Minutes of RDF Data Access WG telcon 2005-04-19 for review Jeen Broekstra (Wednesday, 20 April)

regrets Yoshio FUKUSHIGE (Tuesday, 19 April)

Manfiest property for named grpah loading Steve Harris (Tuesday, 19 April)

regrets Kendall Clark (Tuesday, 19 April)

agenda: RDF Data Access 19 Apr Dan Connolly (Monday, 18 April)

what news from SparqlingDays in Tuscany? Dan Connolly (Monday, 18 April)

ordered results in the results format specs Jeen Broekstra (Monday, 18 April)

using standard functions by URI Dan Connolly (Friday, 15 April)

specifying extended valueTesting without reference to implementations Dan Connolly (Friday, 15 April)

connections to xpath-functions, last call Dan Connolly (Friday, 15 April)

W3C Workshop on Frameworks for Semantics in Web Services Jun 2005 in Innsbruck Dan Connolly (Friday, 15 April)

Next F2F, when and where? Yoshio Fukushige (Friday, 15 April)

output-xslt good enough for sort objective? Dan Connolly (Thursday, 14 April)

Why protocol paramters should override the query in the specificiation of the dataset Seaborne, Andy (Thursday, 14 April)

Minutes of RDF Data Access WG telcon 2005-04-12 for review Dave Beckett (Thursday, 14 April)

Notes on value testing 11.1 Seaborne, Andy (Wednesday, 13 April)

comments on SPARQL QL, protocol, rf1, tests, requirements from outside the WG Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 12 April)

Radio station metadata use case Steve Harris (Tuesday, 12 April)

regrets Yoshio Fukushige (Tuesday, 12 April)

wsdldg.xsl converts our WSDL 2.0 to WSDL 1.1; hunt for WSDL tools continues Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 12 April)

regrets Thompson, Bryan B. (Tuesday, 12 April)

agenda: RDF Data Access 12 Apr Dan Connolly (Monday, 11 April)

test case for graphSolutionMapping Dan Connolly (Friday, 8 April)

note dissent on requirements/objectives? Dan Connolly (Friday, 8 April)

Re: SPARQL syntax proposals Graham Klyne (Thursday, 7 April)

punctuationSyntax Dave Beckett (Thursday, 7 April)

fromUnionQuery Dave Beckett (Thursday, 7 April)

Review of SPARQL query editor's draft $Revision: 1.293 $ of $Date: 2005/04/05 14:26:19 $ Dave Beckett (Thursday, 7 April)

Introduction: Jeen Broekstra Jeen Broekstra (Thursday, 7 April)

OFFSET/LIMIT, cursors, and DAWG scope boundaries Dan Connolly (Wednesday, 6 April)

evaluating SPARQL w.r.t an RDF query language survey Dan Connolly (Wednesday, 6 April)

separator/terminator ; Dan Connolly (Wednesday, 6 April)

minutes RDF Data Access 5 Apr for review Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 5 April)

protocol update Kendall Clark (Tuesday, 5 April)

possible regrets Eric Prud'hommeaux (Tuesday, 5 April)

11th hour datatype testing proposal Eric Prud'hommeaux (Tuesday, 5 April)

Typos and quibbles Bijan Parsia (Tuesday, 5 April)

More definition comments Bijan Parsia (Tuesday, 5 April)

V. odd example Bijan Parsia (Monday, 4 April)

More definition questions/suggestions Bijan Parsia (Monday, 4 April)

Formatting requests Bijan Parsia (Monday, 4 April)

XHTML Validation issues Bijan Parsia (Monday, 4 April)

agenda: RDF Data Access 5 Apr Dan Connolly (Monday, 4 April)

re-open punctuationSyntax to discuss reification short-hand? Dan Connolly (Friday, 1 April)

Editor's Draft ready for DAWG review Eric Prud'hommeaux (Friday, 1 April)

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