Restructure definition of Basic Graph Pattern and pattern match (sec 2.4)

SPARQL language editor's draft rev 1.379

In section 2.4 the terms 'Pattern Solution', 'Query Solution' and
'Basic Graph Pattern' are defined,

The definition of Basic Graph Pattern includes what it means to match
against a graph. It would be better to create a separate definition
for this, called 'Graph Pattern Match'. The definition of 'Basic Graph
Pattern' can then be moved to the start of the section, and in any
case I think an explicit definition of pattern match, that links graph
patterns to solutions, is a lot clearer.

Also, the current definition of a match is imprecise. It uses the
notion 'entails' without specifying what that means. Is that simple
entailment, RDF(S) entailment, or an entirely different, more loose
form of entailment? I request instead using the notion of 'subgraph'
for defining a match.

Suggested definitions:

   Definition: *Basic Graph Pattern*

   A /basic graph pattern/ is a set of Triple Patterns.

   Definition: *Graph Pattern Match*

   A graph pattern /matches/ on a graph G with pattern solution S iff
   S(GP) is a non-empty subgraph of G.

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