Minutes of RDF Data Access 14 Jun 2005 telcon (for review)

I omitted to confirm who was writing up the minutes, so I've done them

Minutes of RDF Data Access 14 Jun 2005 telcon

1. Convene, take roll, review records and agenda

  13 Jun 2005 14:30Z
Chair: Dave Beckett
Scribe: Kendall Clark

  Dave Beckett
  Jeen Broekstra
  Kendall Clark
  Souripriya Das
  Jos De Roo
  Howard Katz
  Eric Prud'hommeaux
  Hiroyuki Sato
  Andy Seaborne

Regrets: Dan Connolly, Steve Harris, Janne Saarela

IRC chat log http://www.w3.org/2005/06/14-dawg-irc

Minutes of 7 Jun Telcon
Records: http://www.w3.org/2005/06/07-dawg-irc

> Is the irc log good enough? I'm willing to do edited minuted if
> wants to wait for them. PatH became unavailable to do them.
Received several requests for edited minutes, take up Dan's offer:

ACTION: DanC To produce a more humanly readable version of last
week's meeting minutes
(later this may be done:


Continue without discussion:
> (Testing actions)
> Action DanC: respond to timbl re str/uri (useMentionOp)

2. Next ftf?

Any offers to host?
HP Labs at Bristol offers dates in August

Rough data on who wants to meet when.
Several people reported being on holiday in Aug:
Jeen  - 4-8
EricP - sometime
AndyS - 15-19
KendallC - sometime

3. FILTER() and ambiguities

AndyS pointed at messges
and requested feedback on what changes to make to address some

Two proposals were discussed:
1. All the builtin functions are allowed w/out the outer brackets
  with FILTER.  Builtin functions are STR, LANG, DATATYPE, REGEX,

2. To adopt an explict syntax for function calls (which makes q:name
  and () empty list separate from &q:name() function call) 

A strawpoll was held (see irc) and the editors were encouraged to
take that as advice to choose a solution.

(later AndyS reported the changes, using proposal 1.



4. Yacker grammar for SPARQL query

EricP explained what yacker did

and requested that it was used in the query language spec as he
thought it was useful.

This point was discussed along with other places the yacker code
could be refered too.  Some concern was given to having two grammars
and having to compare them.  After some further discussion EricP
withdrew the request.

5. Last call for SPARQL QL

Action AndyS: revise rq23 per fromUnionQuery decision

The editor's reviewed the status.  Eric is caguht up or will be soon.
AndyS had a comment from DanC and one from comments list pending plus
some markup issues.  AndyS requested that the xml results format
needed a datespace namespace and an update would be needed from that.
Most of the rest were small edits

rq23 reviewers:
  KendallC - nothing that needs hold up last call
  JeenB    - mostly editorial, all of whic seem addressed. pretty much
  SteveH   - not present

Discussed last call timing and gathered advice for the WG chair:
 AndyS - wants a period where all 3 documents are in LC simultaneously
 DaveB - no time issues
 KendallC - LC overlap to be at least a month.
          - protocol to have a longer LC period, ready for LC in <1
          - query to be 2-3 months duration
          - suggest 10-12 week LC for query with 4 weeks LC overlap

PROPOSED: to publish rq23 (1.395) , addressing FILTER and 3 editorial
changes, with KendallC & JosD reviewing these changes post 1.395, as
a Last Call Working Draft

publish: UMD, Bristol, HP, Agfa, NT&T, HowardK, JeenB, W3C
opposed: none
abstained: none

(Souri, not a WG member at this time offered support to publish)

RESOLVED, go to last call for SPARQL QL

ACTION: EricP Arrange publication of SPARQL QL
ACTION: EricP Work w/ danc on SOTD and LC
ACTION: Danc Draft message to chairs
ACTION: AndyS Make editorial changes to rq23
ACTION: KendallC Review post 1.395 doc changes
(later this may be done in:


ACTION: JosD Review post 1.395 doc changes

6. Date of next meeting

21 Jun 2005
(later, cancelled:


Received on Thursday, 23 June 2005 18:36:31 UTC