RE: Happy with XQuery/XPath last call specs?

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> Subject: Happy with XQuery/XPath last call specs?
> The XQuery/XPath specs that we're using are in last call,
> closing this Friday, 13 May.
> Are they OK? As far as I know, they're OK.

Far as I know they're ok as well, at least as related to the few areas we're
drawing on. There have been a couple of changes in the most recent draft
that are generating some interesting public discussion, but nothing that
affects what we're doing as far as I can see.
> Provided I get a second and no objections, I'll send a
> formal comment to that effect this week some time.

No objection from me. Consider it seconded.

> For reference, we discussed this in our 2005-04-19 teleconference...
> based on my 15 Apr message "connections to xpath-functions, last call"
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