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Agenda TC 01/10/2008 Héctor Pérez-Urbina (Tuesday, 30 September)

required timezone xsd dateTime datatype (ISSUE-138) Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Tuesday, 30 September)

personal review of SKOS Reference for WG consideration Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Tuesday, 30 September)

W3C SKOS Reference Last Call (3 days left in comment period) Alistair Miles (Tuesday, 30 September)

OWL review drafts - new set today Sandro Hawke (Tuesday, 30 September)

The second half of my response to review comments on Profiles: Ian's comments + Jim's comments Boris Motik (Sunday, 28 September)

The first half of my response to review comments on Profiles: some comments + Jeff's comments Boris Motik (Sunday, 28 September)

Invitation to attend OWL: Experiences and Directions (OWLED) 2008 Alan Ruttenberg (Thursday, 25 September)

XML Schema responses to our comments Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Wednesday, 24 September)

Requirements status Christine Golbreich (Wednesday, 24 September)

Regrets Bijan Parsia (Wednesday, 24 September)

Quick reference guide status update Alan Ruttenberg (Wednesday, 24 September)

Restrictions on property chains Evren Sirin (Wednesday, 24 September)

wording on Unknown returns in Conformance Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Wednesday, 24 September)

Proposed Resolution of Issue 134 - OWL 2 Metamodel Peter Haase (Wednesday, 24 September)

Profile review Jeff Z. Pan (Wednesday, 24 September)

Ian's review of the Profiles document Boris Motik (Wednesday, 24 September)

Updated agenda for TC 2008-09-24 Alan Ruttenberg (Tuesday, 23 September)

Agenda TC 24/09/2008 Héctor Pérez-Urbina (Tuesday, 23 September)

Review of Profiles Document Jim Hendler (Tuesday, 23 September)

preview drafts Sandro Hawke (Monday, 22 September)

We should turn facets into URIs in the spec Boris Motik (Monday, 22 September)

Action 211: Review of Conformance Document Bernardo Cuenca Grau (Monday, 22 September)

ACTION 209: Review conformance Mike Smith (Monday, 22 September)

ACTION 208: Add an editor's note to test and conformance document re: disposition of test cases Mike Smith (Monday, 22 September)

ACTION-210: Review on "Conformance" section Michael Schneider (Sunday, 21 September)

Manchester Syntax document ready (ACTION-205) Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Friday, 19 September)

Reflexive properties shjould be removed from OWL RL and OWL RL/RDF Boris Motik (Friday, 19 September)

Survey on titles for OWL2 Semantics documents Sandro Hawke (Friday, 19 September)

Editorial change in the spec: "Facet" vs. "Constraining Facet" Boris Motik (Friday, 19 September)

minutes of 17 September teleconference Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Friday, 19 September)

ACTION-212 completed (Implement resolution of ISSUE-71: language pattern for rdf:text) Boris Motik (Thursday, 18 September)

ACTION-213 completed Michael Schneider (Wednesday, 17 September)

Comment on mapping. Alan Ruttenberg (Wednesday, 17 September)

Comment on syntax Alan Ruttenberg (Wednesday, 17 September)

Top property in property chains for the EL fragment. Rinke Hoekstra (Wednesday, 17 September)

ACTION-172: Develop list of possible conflicts between XML Schema datatypes and OWL datatypes Achille Fokoue (Wednesday, 17 September)

File extensions for different serializations of OWL Alan Ruttenberg (Wednesday, 17 September)

DL-Semantics: wrong name in references Michael Schneider (Wednesday, 17 September)

Agenda TC 17/09/2008 Héctor Pérez-Urbina (Tuesday, 16 September)

RDF-Based Semantics: Changes after the Review Michael Schneider (Tuesday, 16 September)

Small discrepancy between the OWL RL set and the RDF semantics document Ivan Herman (Tuesday, 16 September)

better titles for the two Semantics documents? Sandro Hawke (Tuesday, 16 September)

Issue-144: missing base triple in serialization of axioms with annotations Ian Horrocks (Monday, 15 September)

Issue-140: Proposal to postpone Ian Horrocks (Sunday, 14 September)

RE: English examples in the OWL 2 syntax specification Boris Motik (Sunday, 14 September)

SHOULD, MUST etc. in the other documents Boris Motik (Sunday, 14 September)

Bringing the Syntax document in line with RDF 2119 (MUST, MAY, etc.) Boris Motik (Sunday, 14 September)

Response to the review comments of the Syntax document, Sections 9--15 Boris Motik (Saturday, 13 September)

Response to the review comments of the Syntax document, Sections 3--8 Boris Motik (Saturday, 13 September)

Response to the review comments of the Syntax document, Sections 1 and 2 Boris Motik (Saturday, 13 September)

Minutes from 10 Sep online Martin Dzbor (Friday, 12 September)

Question about datatype maps Alan Ruttenberg (Friday, 12 September)

My answers to Jie Bao's review of the Full Semantics Michael Schneider (Friday, 12 September)

wiki down ! Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Thursday, 11 September)

Candidate public working drafts Ian Horrocks (Thursday, 11 September)

Issue-130 (conformance) Ian Horrocks (Thursday, 11 September)

Resolution of ISSUE-133 (UNA in DL-Lite) implemented Boris Motik (Thursday, 11 September)

ISSUE-137 (including XML includes) Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Wednesday, 10 September)

OWL Semantics document Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Wednesday, 10 September)

XML Serialization document Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Wednesday, 10 September)

[ACTION-179] Review RDF-Based Semantics. Jie Bao (Wednesday, 10 September)

changes to XML Serialization in response to review comments Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Tuesday, 9 September)

Review of the Syntax document Vojtech Svatek (Tuesday, 9 September)

Review: Syntax Mike Smith (Tuesday, 9 September)

Review: RDF Mapping Evren Sirin (Monday, 8 September)

Review of RDF mapping Uli Sattler (Monday, 8 September)

Review, XML Serialization Kendall Clark (Monday, 8 September)

Syntactic extensibility Bijan Parsia (Monday, 8 September)

Proposal to close ISSUE-71 [create datarange of literals matching given language range] Boris Motik (Monday, 8 September)

ACTION-206 [Modify the OWL 2 specification to refer to rdf:text] completed Boris Motik (Monday, 8 September)

[ACTION-187] Add turtle syntax to the Primer Jie Bao (Monday, 8 September)

Primer RDF/XML syntax Jie Bao (Sunday, 7 September)

Review DL-Semantics Markus Krötzsch (Sunday, 7 September)

ACTION-186: Review on DL-Semantics Michael Schneider (Sunday, 7 September)

Issue-119 OWL 2 Full may become inconsistent due to self restrictions Ian Horrocks (Saturday, 6 September)

Fourth Face-to-Face (F2F) Meeting Ian Horrocks (Saturday, 6 September)

Last Call: SKOS Simple Knowledge Organization System Reference; SKOS Primer updated Alistair Miles (Thursday, 4 September)

Issue-130 (conformance) Ian Horrocks (Wednesday, 3 September)

revised (punchier) version of LC comment on XML Schema Datatypes Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Wednesday, 3 September)

Review OWL 2 MT Semantics Document Thomas Schneider (Wednesday, 3 September)

Re: rif:text / owl:internationalizedString Jie Bao (Wednesday, 3 September)

Proposed resolution to ISSUE-133 (addressing ACTION-192) Michael Smith (Wednesday, 3 September)

OWL 2 RL unification proposal: My comments Michael Schneider (Wednesday, 3 September)

Initial comments on OWL 2 Full Semantics Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Wednesday, 3 September)

Agenda TC 03/09/2008 Héctor Pérez-Urbina (Tuesday, 2 September)

RE: ISSUE-130 / ACTION-194 Come up with a proposal for conformance Michael Schneider (Tuesday, 2 September)

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