RE: Response to the review comments of the Syntax document, Sections 9--15

Done! Here are the diffs:



RDF Mapping:


XML Syntax:



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> > @Mike, Section 9.4: I don't recall a particular motivation for the properties arguments preceding
> the class expression. If there is
> > no specific motivation, I suggest modifying this so that the class expression is first. This would
> match the RDF syntax and make
> > things a little easier for users. (A change from KeyFor to HasKey or something similar would
> probably go along with a reorder).
> >
> > I've followed Bijan's design here, which, I believe, has followed the usual DL syntax. The common
> reading is "Such-and-such
> > properties are the key for such-and-such class". I personally don't really care about the actual
> syntax. I haven't, however, changed
> > the spec yet: can you please coordinate with Bijan and perhaps the other interested parties?
> Bijan and Uli do not object to the change, and Evren, who raised the
> issue with me during his RDF document review, supports it.  So, not
> hearing objections from others I think we should change from KeyFor to
> HasKey and change the argument order so that all serializations (FS,
> RDF, XML) align.
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