Re: Question about datatype maps

On 12 Sep 2008, at 11:02, Alan Ruttenberg wrote:

> The OWL specification has a datatype map as a parameter. It's  
> unclear to me what are allowable extensions in the realm of  
> datatypes, and whether such extensions would be desirable from an  
> interoperability point of view. Now that we have a wide range of  
> datatypes, do we need to support extensibility here?


> Our experience OWL 1, OWL 2, that choice and semantics of datatypes  
> are not a slam-dunk obvious choice, raising questions about whether  
> sanctioned extensions to OWL in this dimension would be beneficial  
> or cause more trouble than they are worth. Of course nothing would  
> prevent unsanctioned extensions - my question here is of what we  
> should encourage.

The core problem with OWL 1 wasn't that it sanctioned extensions, but  
that it underspecified the set of datatypes but *seemed* to spec them  
by way of the XML Schema spec. Hence interop problems on the *very  
same datatypes*. But we have a *much* better spec now and I think  
allowing for extensions is a good idea. I intend to introduce some  
e.g., via OWLED. I don't see it's a problem, certainly not the *same*  

BTW, this is another instance where the owl:x-foo idea would be helpful.


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