Re: required timezone xsd dateTime datatype (ISSUE-138)

On Tue, 2008-09-30 at 10:14 -0400, Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:
> Discussion in the XML Schema WG on 29 September 2008 chronicled at
> indicates that they will indeed have a datatype that is xsd:dateTime
> with a required timezone.  They will also have a facet for xsd:dateTime
> that indicates whether the timezone is required, forbidden, or optional.
> The net result is that we can eventually use an xsd name for
> owl:dateTime.  However, I suggest that this does not need to be
> reflected in the current round of publication. 

I believe that there is still an issue of equality vs. identity.  With
the current description in Syntax

2008-09-30T10:27:30-04:00 is the same value as 2008-09-30T14:27:30-00:00

This is not true with xsd:dateTime, so will not be true for a type
derived from it which requires timezones.  See the note just before in [1].
Mike Smith

Clark & Parsia


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