RDF-Based Semantics: Changes after the Review

Dear all,

I want to hint the reviewers of the RDF-Based Semantics to several non-editorial changes, which have been performed after their reviews.

* Table 4.4 on "Properties" missed the annotation properties from RDFS (rdfs:comment, etc). These have to be mentioned, since the RDFS semantics does not tell that they are instances owl:AnnotationProperty. This has been specified in OWL 1 Full, too, I simply had forgotten their treatment. 

* I have (again) changed the names for some "basic sets": ILV -> LV (literal values), IDP -> IODP (data properties), IAP -> IOAP (annotation properties), IXP -> IOXP (ontology properties). This was an action to address one of Jie's review comments concerning "least surprise" for readers familiar with both the RDF Semantics and OWL 1 Full. The new naming policy is: Names occurring in the RDF Semantics take precedence over names in the OWL 1 Full Semantics, all other names in OWL 1 Full keep their original name. As always, such a naming scheme may be contentious. :->

* Ivan asked me offlist about the axiomatic triples in OWL 2 Full, because he considers writing a rulebased RL reasoner with "all" the axiomatic triples. Section 4.3 of the Profiles document now refers to the Full Semantics. Actually, OWL 2 Full does not really have axiomatic triples in the form given, for example, in the RDF Semantics, but OWL 2 Full has certain semantic conditions which come pretty close to them. I have written some longer text (marked as "informative") preceding the tables 4.3 and 4.4. We might later consider to move such informative stuff to an appendix. 

* The new RFC-2119 text, which has recently been put into several other documents, is now also in the RDF-Based Semantics (thanks to Boris).

I don't plan any other changes before WD publication, except for trivial editorial changes (typo fixing, typography, etc), unless one of the reviewers brings up a revision comment. 

Best regards,

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Received on Tuesday, 16 September 2008 16:18:51 UTC