Re: preview drafts

I checked Syntax, Semantics, Mapping, and XML.  

It appears that something is going wrong with the abstract generation -
,checklinks complains about duplicate anchor.  However, the solution is
beyond my expertise.

Also, there is a complaint about the ToC javascript in Syntax and
Mapping.  This is also above my competence.

XML refers to Profiles, which doesn't exist yet, but this should be OK.

A few links were broken in XML because the ****!!!!**** Wiki insists on using
the section title as the anchor, requiring changes to pointers
*whenever* the name of the section changes.  ****!!!****!!!***!!***!**
I fixed the problems, one by ripping out the link.

I also tried to anticipate problems with Manchester Syntax.  It appears
that the Wiki produces incorrect HTML in the ToC.

Here is my stab at a Status for Semantics:

The major change to this document since the version of 11 April 2008
reflects the major revamping of the functional syntax to disallow
punning between classes and datatypes and between object, data, and
annotation properties.  Some minor changes were made to reflect changes
in the Functional Syntax.

Where would I put this?


From: Sandro Hawke <>
Subject: preview drafts
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 18:10:14 -0400

> I ran the publication script on all the drafts that (I think) we're
> talking about publishing very shortly, so people can see them in closer
> to their final form.
> Editors, please run ",validate" and ",checklinks" on these, and make
> sure they are okay.   
> I think we'll also want at least a paragraph summarizing the changes
> since the last published draft (if it's not a first draft).
> Here's one, and they're all linked to each other under 'Set of
> Documents':
> The "color-coded diffs" (up by "Previous Version") are pretty goofy on
> most of them, because of the extent of the changes.
>      -- Sandro

Received on Monday, 22 September 2008 23:41:14 UTC