Re: Survey on titles for OWL2 Semantics documents

Can somebody (eg, Uli:-) explain what is meant by the remark:

"DL Semantics" and "RDF-Based Semantics" (But Uli says it's not DL.)

I know she said that on the call, but I did not really grasp that at the
time either...



Sandro Hawke wrote:
> Please fill out the survey at:
> Hopefully the results of this survey will enable us come to a quick
> resolution at the next telecon.   
> If I've left out any important information or options, let me know and
> I'll edit the survey in place (and of course you can argue about it here
> on this list).  People can keep changing their answers until Tuesday
> night.  The current survey results are visible to everyone via the
> "Results" link in the sidebar.
>       -- Sandro


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