Requirements status

An updated version of the Requirement, restructured and shortened as
required is available at

- Still TBD :
Section 5. Features and Rationale, some subsections from F9-F16 to be
completed regarding Implementation or Theory:
short sentences about the Implementation or Theorry missing for a few
features to be added
cf. features annotated by "TBD" in the document from F9 to F16

F9: Key : 			Theory + Implem
F10: Datatype restriction: 		Theory
F11: N-ary datatype: 			Implem
F12: Punning: 			Implem
F13: Annotation: 		Theory, Implem
F14: Declaration: 		TBD
F15: Profiles OWL 2 EL, OWL 2 QL, OWL 2 RL: special attention to OWL 2
RL (very recent emails)
F16: Anonymous individual

- A few pending questions to be decided:
for example, add a note for 2 or 3 UCs that cannot be represented in
OWL 2 e.g. N-ary with inequality  or remove them ?

-- Still have after to check if the most recent features which were
under debate at the date of this version on 26 Aug. are  up-to-date
(before or after review)


Received on Wednesday, 24 September 2008 17:09:44 UTC