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All documents that I've been editing validate correctly apart from the RDF Mapping. There, it seems to me that we have a Wiki bug:
when Wiki generates the table of contents for this document, it inserts two excess </li></ul> tags. Interestingly, this error goes
away if I remove the References section. If you remove these two tags, the resulting document passes validation.

I am at a loss about what to do here. Can we perhaps update the Wiki software? If not, I believe the simplest thing to do is to
remove the two tags manually after the document is converted to HTML. The tags are in lines 213--214.



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> Subject: preview drafts
> I ran the publication script on all the drafts that (I think) we're
> talking about publishing very shortly, so people can see them in closer
> to their final form.
> Editors, please run ",validate" and ",checklinks" on these, and make
> sure they are okay.
> I think we'll also want at least a paragraph summarizing the changes
> since the last published draft (if it's not a first draft).
> Here's one, and they're all linked to each other under 'Set of
> Documents':
> The "color-coded diffs" (up by "Previous Version") are pretty goofy on
> most of them, because of the extent of the changes.
>      -- Sandro

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