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Markus Krötzsch wrote as a review comment in the DL-Semantics:

General minor comment: when denoting tuples with angular brackets, the
proper HTML entities would be ⟨ and ⟩, i.e. ⟨ and
&amp;rang;, instead of < and >. I think this would improve readbility,
unless there are known browser compatibility issues for these entities. I am
aware that this might affect other documents, but it seems to be a simple
search and replace.

I just tried that (for OWL-Full), but found that

  * the brackets are rendered by Firefox3 in a way which makes them hard to

  * IE7 does not render them at all

Can anyone confirm? I would like to use these HTML entities, since this
would allow me to distinguish between tuple brackets, smaller/greater signs
(&lt; and &gt;), and XML element brackets.


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>I also finished my review of the semantics document [1]. I will be
>unable to
>attend next telco, but I believe all my comments are easy to address.
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