Re: Survey on titles for OWL2 Semantics documents

On 22 Sep 2008, at 15:09, Michael Schneider wrote:
> This may well be the case. But if I knew something about FOL, and  
> take the
> current OWL 2 Semantics, then I will definitely miss support for  
> certain FOL
> stuff.

Come on. A DL is a fragment of FOL. Obviously the semantics are a  
fragment of the FOL semantics.

But they are not a *different kind of semantics*.

We talk about OWL being a fragment of FOL *all the time*.

> So the semantics given in the "OWL 2 Semantics" document is, in  
> this sense,
> very dependent on some particular description logic. And this  
> suggests, in
> my opinion, to give the semantics document a name that at least  
> gives a hint
> to readers that there is some description logic around, which is  
> the base.

In my experience, this is much more likely to cause confusion (I can  
point you to email in webont where FOL logicians expressed all sorts  
of confusion about whether a DL's semantics was a fragment of FOL  

If you *seriously* think that an FOL person will be confused by  
*missing syntax* (which IS what we're talking about), then have the  
first paragraph read: "Since OWL 2 is a fragment of first order  
logic, the semantics are a fragment of the FOL semantics"

Even THAT seems nutty because, in this morass we have, it suggest  
semantic subsetting.

I've *never* seen the confusion you've alluded too. I've often seen  
the confusion I'm trying to avoid.


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