Revision on DL-Semantics [RE: Candidate public working drafts]


I did a revision on the DL Semantics. I still found a few trivial to minor
things. Apart from them, the document is ready to be (re-)published, IMO.

Here are the points I found:

  * Introduction, last paragraph: There are now also annotations on
annotations in OWL, so, for completeness, they should be mentioned in the
first sentence, too. (With other words: They also should be ignored by the
semantics, but not by the Semantics. :-)).

  * Section 2.3, table headlines: Some table headlines end in "in Int",
others end in "in an Interpretation". Should be aligned.

  * Section 2.5: The vocabulary "V" is introduced in the first paragraph,
but not used in the rest of the section. Originally, in section 2.2,
Interpretations had been defined w.r.t. D /and/ V. 

  * Section 3, Theorem 1: "... be a datatype map such that NDT subset NDT',
NLT'(DT) = NLT(DT) and NFA(DT) = NFA'(DT)"..." The second condition has the
"'"-version on the LHS of the "=", the other conditions have it on the RHS.
Should be aligned.


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>The reviewing/revision process is well underway and even completed
>for many of the core documents (see [1]). Thanks to everyone for
>their efforts!
>At next week's teleconf we will be voting to publish these documents
>as public working drafts. All members of the WG are therefore
>cordially invited to inspect the documents and *speak now* if you see
>any problems.

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