Re: ISSUE-130 / ACTION-194 Come up with a proposal for conformance

Ian Horrocks wrote:
>> Just for my understanding: what would that require for an
>> implementation? Would it mean that the RDF graph has to be converted
>> into the functional syntax and check against RDF-RL?
> That is how it is *defined*, but tools are free to *implement* it in any
> way they choose -- it might be possible, e.g., to implement checks that
> operate directly on the RDF graph.

Sure, but that would not make it simpler. The huge advantage of the
OWL-RL is that it can be implemented (o.k., with scruffy edges here and
there) in an afternoon on top of an existing RDF environment. Such an
extra 'must' check would make it way more complicated. Hence my
preference of leaving it as a 'may'



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