XML Schema responses to our comments

The XML Schema WG divided our comments into 6 "bugs"


You can follow along the discussion if you want.

Substantive results:

1/ The XML Schema WG agrees that using a continuous timeline is
   compatible with xsd:dateTime.  It also notes that applications may
   have to be cognisant of gaps in accessible moments due to leap

2/ The XML Schema WG noted that the sloppy end of the timezone values
   has been present from version 1.0 and is thus difficult to change.
   As this doesn't affect OWL, I don't see any reason to gripe further.

3/ The XML Schema WG agrees that minimal conformance for xsd:decimal is
   broken.  It appears to be moving towards the obvious fix as an
   editorial change to its documents.

   I have updated Syntax to note this fact.

4/ The request to improve discussion of infinite datatypes was accepted
   as an editorial fix.  I don't believe that there is any need to
   follow this any further.

Temporary results:

1/ There is discussion of how to provide a dateTime with required
   timezones.  I'm following along and contributing.

2/ There is discussion of how to pitch repairs to dateTime values with
   missing timezone.  I'm following along and contributing.


Received on Wednesday, 24 September 2008 20:46:23 UTC