better titles for the two Semantics documents?

I was talking with Ian and Alan about the upcoming publications, and I
see the list of documents looks something like this:

   1. Structural Specification and Functional-Style Syntax
=> 2. Model-Theoretic Semantics
=> 3. RDF-Based Semantics
   4. Mapping to RDF Graphs
   5. XML Serialization
   6. Profiles
[  7. Primer -- not being published in this round ]
[  8. Conformance and Test Cases  -- unknown pub plans ] 

Michael pointed out earlier that the RDF-Based Semantics (#3 above) also
use model theory, so the name of the second document is somewhat
confusing!  Does anyone have any better ideas?  Talking with Ian and
Alan, some of the ideas were:
      DL Semantics
      First Order Semantics
      Primary Semantics
      Base Semantics
or renaming them both, so it's
      Semantics of OWL DL, EL, and QL
      Semantics of OWL Full and RL

I don't love any of these.  Does anyone have any better ideas?  What
is it about that
distinguishes it from (in a way that
wont bother or mislead anyone)...?

    -- Sandro

Received on Tuesday, 16 September 2008 00:55:32 UTC