Review of the Syntax document

Dear all,

All detailed review comments to [1] are now on the wiki.
This includes remarks on typos (as my English is not impeccable, I did not
dare edit even where it looked clear to me).

In general, I find the spec somewhat unbalanced in terms of
exemplification, technical depth and self-containment..

As the document is quite long and comprehensive, I would be curious to see
some 'profile' of the target user concerning his/her prior knowledge.
I would say that some of the examples and explanations may look too trivial
for anyone who has seen a couple of OWL ontologies. For example, a lot of
examples illustrate the OWA and lack of UNA over and over again, in quite
verbose a way.
On the other hand, there were some parts of the text I had to read twice
and to peep to some farther sections before getting the point. (I have to
admit that I had only been able to follow a small fraction of the preceding
WG email conversation, so the fault was surely on my side in many cases.)



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