Re: ISSUE-130 / ACTION-194 Come up with a proposal for conformance

Ian Horrocks wrote:
>> * 1.2.1
>>   """
>>   An OWL 2 RL entailment checker
>>   [...] MUST return True only when O1 entails O2,
>>   and it must return False
>>   only when FO(O1) ? R does not entail FO(O2)
>>   under the standard first-order semantics
>>   """

This is again a naming issue, a bit like Michael's question on how to
refer to RDF vs. model theoretical semantics. But what exactly do we
mean here by 'standard first order semantics'? I have an idea, for sure,
but we may have to at least put a clear reference here... (RIF?)



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Received on Wednesday, 3 September 2008 13:10:20 UTC