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Runnable suggestion of ARIA in HTML5 document conformance integration Henri Sivonen (Monday, 31 March)

ISSUE-38 (style-attr-syntax): Syntax of the style attribute HTML Issue Tracking Issue Tracker (Monday, 31 March)

Definition of the style attribute in HTML 5 Daniel Glazman (Friday, 28 March)

{minutes} 2008-03-27 HTML WG issue-tracking call Michael(tm) Smith (Friday, 28 March)

Redundant attributes: irrelevant and aria-hidden Henri Sivonen (Wednesday, 26 March)

Reparsing of comments, escaped text spans, and --!> Simon Pieters (Wednesday, 26 March)

Attaching SVG to HTML-objects themselves Dmitry Turin (Wednesday, 26 March)

Label in notation of XPath Dmitry Turin (Wednesday, 26 March)

<input type=search> and role=search Henri Sivonen (Wednesday, 26 March)

document.location and no Window Anne van Kesteren (Tuesday, 25 March)

Framesets - original spec? Tom Potts (Tuesday, 25 March)

out much of this week Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 25 March)

Use of normative statements in HTML 5 relating to appropriate alt attribute content Steven Faulkner (Tuesday, 25 March)

Exploring new vocabularies for HTML Ian Hickson (Monday, 24 March)

Head element, profile attribute Jeff Schiller (Monday, 24 March)

Document conformance: Integrating ARIA into HTML5 Henri Sivonen (Monday, 24 March)

Vector graphics in format and via protocol of X11 Dmitry Turin (Friday, 21 March)

Argument type for executeSql() Cameron McCormack (Monday, 24 March)

Re: several messages about tables and related subjects Ian Hickson (Sunday, 23 March)

< in the tag name state Henri Sivonen (Sunday, 23 March)

3.18 Miscellaneous elements Ben Boyle (Saturday, 22 March)

Usage Patterns For Hash In URLs T.V Raman (Friday, 21 March)

Heuristic detection and non-ASCII superset encodings Henri Sivonen (Friday, 21 March)

Not reparsing when EOF inside comment Henri Sivonen (Thursday, 20 March)

Details on internal encoding declarations Henri Sivonen (Thursday, 20 March)

Writing HTML documents: entities in escaped text spans Simon Pieters (Tuesday, 18 March)

Serializing: <listing>\n Simon Pieters (Tuesday, 18 March)

Serializing: Descendants of (R)CDATA elements Simon Pieters (Tuesday, 18 March)

Participants Interested in Accessibility in HTMLWG Ben 'Cerbera' Millard (Tuesday, 18 March)

De facto Thai encodings Henri Sivonen (Monday, 17 March)

isContentEditable: boolean Anne van Kesteren (Monday, 17 March)

Canvas API mailing list Michael Smith (Monday, 17 March)

xml:lang in the light of error frequencies Henri Sivonen (Sunday, 16 March)

Make C1 range non-errors with ISO-8859-1 declared Henri Sivonen (Sunday, 16 March)

A use of SVG in HTML Philip Taylor (Sunday, 16 March)

Error handling for SVG and MathML in HTML Ben Boyle (Saturday, 15 March)

UA support for Content-Disposition header (filename parameter) Julian Reschke (Friday, 14 March)

Parse error characters Henri Sivonen (Friday, 14 March)

Confusing use of "URI" to refer to IRIs, and IRI handling in the DOM Brian Smith (Thursday, 13 March)

SVG in text/html use cases Anne van Kesteren (Wednesday, 12 March)

Smart span algorithm for table cells James Graham (Monday, 10 March)

WYSIWYG signature/UNREADY signature Leif Halvard Silli (Monday, 10 March)

Comments on Timers Anne van Kesteren (Monday, 10 March)

ISSUE-37 (html-svg-mathml): Integration of SVG and MathML into text/html [HTML 5 spec] HTML Issue Tracking Issue Tracker (Monday, 10 March)

Cross-document messaging: document.onmessage Anne van Kesteren (Monday, 10 March)

[canvas] 2d context fillRect() negative values for width/height Mihai Sucan (Sunday, 9 March)

SVG and MathML in text/html Henri Sivonen (Sunday, 9 March)

Re: several messages about contentEditable, text selection, and related subjects Ian Hickson (Sunday, 9 March)

Quoted strings in "encoding sniffing algorithm" "get an attribute" Philip Taylor (Friday, 7 March)

Insert into foster parent (editorial) Henri Sivonen (Friday, 7 March)

Re: HTML Test Jam 10-11 March on #html-wg and in Austin, TX? Dan Connolly (Friday, 7 March)

Outline algorithm James Graham (Thursday, 6 March)

Charset usage data Philip Taylor (Wednesday, 5 March)

Editorial: "algorithm for extracting an encoding from a Content-Type" Philip Taylor (Wednesday, 5 March)

Parsing: reprocessing nodes Anne van Kesteren (Wednesday, 5 March)

Parsing: EOF handling Anne van Kesteren (Wednesday, 5 March)

Re: several messages about the tree construction stage of HTML parsing Ian Hickson (Wednesday, 5 March)

Re: several messages about <figure> and related subjects Henri Sivonen (Tuesday, 4 March)

Re: Clarify what it means for the system identifier to be missing Geoffrey Sneddon (Monday, 3 March)

test (please ignore) Anne van Kesteren (Monday, 3 March)

Parsing: nested forms Anne van Kesteren (Monday, 3 March)

BOM and UTF-16LE/BE (was: Re: several messages about handling encodings in HTML) Martin Duerst (Monday, 3 March)

Parsing: Trailing garbage in doctype FPI (was: Re: Doctype usage data) Simon Pieters (Monday, 3 March)

Re: several messages about the HTML syntax Ian Hickson (Sunday, 2 March)

Cross-posting etiquette Ian Hickson (Sunday, 2 March)

Comments on Section 4.11.2 Databases and 4.11.3 Executing SQL statements Ben Meadowcroft (Saturday, 1 March)

Re: [whatwg] The div element liorean (Saturday, 1 March)

RE: Unicode error handling (was several messages about handling encodings in HTML) Øistein E. Andersen (Friday, 29 February)

Re: several messages about content sniffing in HTML Philip Taylor (Saturday, 1 March)

Re: Marking Up Poetry Sam Kuper (Saturday, 1 March)

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