Re: Exploring new vocabularies for HTML

On Mar 31, 2008, at 06:34, Neil Soiffer wrote:
> As I and others have said earlier, the HTML5 DOM is only relevant  
> for HTML5 browsers.  It is irrelevant  for other standards and  
> applications that have incorporated MathML into them and for their  
> parsers.

Please read "parser API" where Hixie says "DOM". A proper MathML- 
reading app today never sees the original serialization byte stream.  
Instead, it sees the API of an XML parser--whether DOM, XOM,  
ElementTree, SAX, etc.

HTML5 parsers are being developed to expose popular XML parser APIs so  
that an application can easily swap an XML parser into an HTML5 parser  
and continue to receive the document tree through the same API as  

> If MathML's syntax is incompatible with HTML5, then it must change  
> and hopefully those changes can be minimized.  But you haven't  
> demonstrated MathML's syntax is incompatible with HTML5.

XML 1.0 uses Draconian error handling. Non-Draconian error handling is  
a salient feature of text/html. One missing end tag somewhere, and the  
syntax is no longer XML.

Henri Sivonen

Received on Monday, 31 March 2008 07:22:27 UTC