Insert into foster parent (editorial)

> insert whatever last node ended up being in the previous step into  
> the foster parent element. If the foster parent element is the  
> parent element of the last table element in the stack of open  
> elements, then last node must be inserted immediately before the  
> last table element in the stack of open elements in the foster  
> parent element; otherwise, last node must be appended to the foster  
> parent element.

The quoted text is from step 8. of the AAA. The latter sentence makes  
it look like this situation were somehow special compared to usual  
foster parenting outside the AAA. Upon further inspection, it turns  
out that it is just foster parenting as usual.

It would be nicer not to leave recognizing this to the reader and  
instead define an "insert into foster parent" routine once and say  
there that in the fragment case you append to root instead of  
inserting before the table.

Henri Sivonen

Received on Friday, 7 March 2008 21:49:31 UTC