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On Thu, 27 Mar 2008 22:49:39 +0100, James Graham <> wrote:

> Jeff Schiller wrote:
>> Here's another use case:
>> 5. The ability to animate elements in a web page (hypertext, vector  
>> graphics) without using script.
> It's not clear to me that "without script" is a problem statement,  
> rather it seems to be part of a solution. What are the use cases that  
> you believe require scriptless animation? (I'm not suggesting valid use  
> cases don't exist, just that the haven't been clearly stated yet).

Transcoding content would also be significantly more effective with  
declaratve animation.

Similarly, authoring and maintaining animated content can be more easily  
fitted into a tool-independent workflow if the animation is declarative,  
thus recognised by any tool, rather than based on analysing javascript to  
understand what it does. This is particularly important for people who  
primarily use WYSIWYG approaches to editing - i.e. the vast majority of  
people who produce content.

Somewhat more implementation dependent (at least in theory, but therefore  
perhaps not a strong primary use case), operating on devices with limited  
capacity can be more efficient by using declarative animation hooked  
directly to efficient native methods, rather than having to manipulate the  
DOM (which can be realtively heavy on processing, battery, etc.).



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