Re: Exploring new vocabularies for HTML

> If the current state of AI made that feasible, yes. But the current  
> state of AI doesn't make it feasible.

yes basically we are agreeing with each other.

> What I think is problematic is using product-specific formats instead
> of Content MathML. 

yes it is problematic. In MathML3 we're trying (slowly) to formalize the
specification of the annotations used (usual diffiulties surrounding
whether we should use the legacy names or new ones based on mime tyes or
namespaces or..., but that doesn't directly concern this thread)

personally I think there would be some hope of agreement along the lines
of specifying that html+mathml used a profile of mathml that only
allowed content mathml as a annotation-xml (so renderers only need
understand presentation mathml) but that annottation-xml was confined to
just this one use.

Now what happens if a system anyway uses a different encoding is a
question about what happens in error conditions in html5, my
understanding is that usually the system tries to do "the right thing"
and not display an error to the reader (who is probably not the person
resonsible for teh error anyway) But you'd know more about that than me,
so I don't really want to speculate here (but i would be interested to
know the answer).


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