Re: SVG and MathML in text/html

Hi, Boris-

Boris Zbarsky wrote (on 3/15/08 2:12 PM):
> Doug Schepers wrote:
>>  so a new edition of XLink could, in theory, define an additional
>> "human-friendly" namespace name, like "".
> This would be a huge step in usability for all the W3C specs.
> Heck, it could even be: "w3c:xlink", right?  And "w3c:xhtml", "wc3:svg", 
> etc. 

It could... There'd have to be an RFC or specification that defined 
"w3c" as a URI scheme, and maybe make it equivalent to "", 
and it would have to be deployed.

> As an occasional XML author, that would save me from having to
> google things like "xhtml namespace" every time I need to write an XHTML 
> document (and similar for svg, etc) or having to find some document to 
> copy-paste from.

Heh.  I have them memorized, but I usually use boilerplate in TextPad or 
TextMate anyway, for the whole document root.  It's just easier.

> I would love for this to happen.

I honestly don't know how possible this is, but I agree that it might 
make namespaces a little easier to use.

The advantage to "" though is that it can be 
pasted into a browser, and resolves to a page that explains what it is 
and where to find the spec. "" could do the same, easily.

-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, SVG, CDF, and WebAPI

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