Re: SVG in text/html use cases

Julian Reschke 08-03-12 21.46:   
> Anne van Kesteren wrote:
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>> Use case #3
>> -----------
>> It would eliminate the need for using XHTML when using SVG. This is 
>> important as it lowers the bar for deploying SVG on the Web 
>> significantly. The different media type and well-formedness 
>> constraints are proving to be problematic.
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> Does it?
> Is there a user agent that implements SVG, but doesn't do XHTML?

I assume the "well-formedness constraints" mostly related to how XHTML 
works (whether the SVG rules should be loosened - because of authors or 
UAs - is a separate issue):

If the document is XHTML, then the SVG will fail if the XHTML fails, 
even if the SVG is correct. If the document is HTML, then a) this use 
case doesn't require that the author change his HTML to XHTML and b) 
permits normal/illegal HTML without affecting the SVG.
leif halvard silli

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