Re: Error handling for SVG and MathML in HTML

Ben Boyle wrote:

> I expect the HTML document to be recovered, and that's my top
> priority. I expect the SVG/MathML to be rendered as an error, like a
> broken image/broken object. If I referenced an image (jpeg, gif, etc.)
> that was broken, the browser wouldn't attempt to render it. I'd like
> to see SVG/MathML handled in the same way.

I don't think this meets the legacy content mangement system 
requirement. Specifically consider a text/html blog that chooses to put 
its content (potentially including user-entered content) inside a svg 
foreignObject (to use filters or transforms on the content, for example) 
so the embedding is html -> svg -> html. Your scheme would effectively 
cause draconian error handling of the whole page in this case.

It would also be slightly odd to have a scheme where the UA has to 
recover from the error and parse the entire SVG/MathML fragment (to 
determine the location of the closing tag) but was not allowed to 
display any of the parsed content to the user.

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Received on Saturday, 15 March 2008 13:25:32 UTC