Re: [whatwg] Exploring new vocabularies for HTML

James Graham wrote:
> Ian Hickson wrote:
>>   4. Writing documents that include diagrams that include
>>      typographically-correct mathematics.
> The inverse of 4 is also a requirement i.e. mathematics that contains 
> diagrams. See e.g. [1]

Just to complete the circle, I should mention the use cases for 
html-inside-maths and html-inside graphics. As an example of the first consider 
a mathematics tutor with questions like

4/9 = ?/3

Where the ? is to be filled in by the student. This seems like a good use for a 
html input element inside maths content.

As an example of the second, consider creating something like [1] or [2] where 
you want to use the features of the graphics language to rotate or filter html 
content (arguably these particular examples could also be achieved with 
enhancements to CSS).


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