Re: Marking Up Poetry

On 29/02/2008, Ian Hickson <> wrote:
> On Fri, 29 Feb 2008, Sam Kuper wrote:
> >
> > **E.g. statements like "the p element represents a paragraph", which
> > uses the prose-specific terms "paragraph", should be neutralised.
> Note that "paragraph" is a defined term in HTML5, which specifically says
> that it covers poetry:
> | A paragraph is typically a block of text with one or more sentences that
> | discuss a particular topic, as in typography, but can also be used for
> | more general thematic grouping. For instance, an address is also a
> | paragraph, as is a part of a form, a byline, or a stanza in a poem.
>   --

Dear Ian,

I should have addressed this more explicitly in my post; sorry for the
confusion caused.

I read that paragraph before making my last post, and my analysis of it was
that it didn't address Olaf's objections (as I have understood them so far)
because it conflates stanzas and paragraphs, which he sees as being objects
from disjoint domains (poetry and prose respectively).

All best,


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