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> > > (Boy there are a lot of MathML elements, even in Presentation MathML.)
> >
> > not really, presentational mathematics is a bunch of special layout
> > forms, and compared to say the markup html uses for tables, the level of
> > element use per layout form is similar. (except as previously commented
> > tokens such as numbers and identifiers are marked up individually).
> There's over 80 different presentational MathML elements in MathML3.
> That's a lot of elements for one small part of HTML. Whether they are
> justified or not is not really what I'm arguing. :-)
I just did a count and come up with 32 presentation elements in MathML 3; 35
if you include semantics/annotation/annotation-xml.  I might have missed one
or two, but I'm hard pressed to see how you came up with more than 80
elements -- can you list the elements you think are presentation elements?

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