Re: SVG and MathML in text/html

Whatever direction is taken (generic extensibility or specific
allowing of SVG and MathML inline with HTML 5), I would like to add
the following point:

- Inclusion of SVG in HTML should not require a change to the SVG
language.  Specifically:

  a) I should be able to copy & paste the inline SVG document into a
new standalone document and it be valid SVG

  b) I should be able to copy & paste the inline SVG document into a
XHTML document and it still be valid XHTML+SVG

In both cases, I might need to copy & paste some xml namespace
attributes from one element to another, but otherwise there is no
change to the SVG language i.e. it's still XML with the requirements
  - attributes be quoted
  - elements be closed
  - elements are case-sensitive

The reason I think this is important is that, if we do not ensure it's
valid XML SVG, then we'll have interoperability problems in existing
browsers and viewers that support SVG and SVG content tools.
SGMLizing SVG would require more work from developers to ensure that
that flavour of SVG allowed in HTML works in their tools.  Further
elaboration here:

Is what I'm asking at all possible?  Can I get a list of the problems
this might cause ?

My preference:

<html ...>
  <svg xmlns=""
xmlns:xlink="" ...>
    <a xlink:href="foo.svg"><circle .../></a>

Another option:

<html ... xmlns:svg=""
  <svg:svg ...>
    <svg:a xlink:href="foo.svg"><svg:circle .../></svg:a>

What other options are there?


On 3/10/08, Julian Reschke <> wrote:
>  Henri Sivonen wrote:
>  > So concretely, I suggest that we
>  >  * consider ARIA a separate issue from SVG/MathML integration and
>  > syntax-wise done (and about to ship)
>  >  * focus on integrating SVG/MathML into text/html as non-extension parts
>  > of the open Web platform
>  >  * avoid getting carried away with general extensibility at the expense
>  > of the specific languages that we know in advance (SVG and MathML)
>  >  * consider the DOM-level node namespacing of SVG and MathML a legacy
>  > constraint
>  >  * not consider the xmlns syntax as a necessary mechanism for putting
>  > the nodes in those namespaces
> > ...
>  For the record: I disagree with that direction. Trying to integrate SVG
>  and MathML into HTML seems to be inferior to having a generic solution.
>  BR, Julian

Received on Monday, 10 March 2008 17:10:41 UTC