Re: SVG and MathML in text/html

On 3/11/08, Doug Schepers <> wrote:
>  Hi, Henri-
>  Henri Sivonen wrote (on 3/10/08 4:51 PM):
>  >
>  > XHTML totally failed to use the well-known strategy of leveraging the
>  > existing network effects by being compatible with the installed base of
>  > the previous technology generation.
> I strongly agree with you here.  I think that that was a serious failing
>  of the deployment of XHTML.
>  I also want to emphasize, however, that the same situation obtains in
>  reverse here.  SVG already has a wide deployment base on mobiles, and in
>  legacy viewers, that demands strict content (with the odd exception in
>  the case of namespace declaration in Adobe's viewer).  The network
>  effect would be critically lessened if an incompatible serialization of
>  SVG were deployed, as I said before.

In fairness, unlike XHTML, Henri's suggestion allows the existing
deployed SVG content (i.e. conforming XML) to be used directly in
HTML5, it just doesn't condem the content if it's non-conforming XML.
My only fear is that this will eventually allow tutorials out there to
drop some of the XML aspects and end up with non-conforming SVG
fragments that cannot be read into tools as standalone documents.

If all SVG viewers and editors could be magically updated to support a
text/html serialization of SVG then I'd be less concerned.

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