Re: Exploring new vocabularies for HTML

> Out of curiosity, where can one copy from? It has been over a year  
> since I looked at Gecko's clipboard code, but I don't recall seeing an  
> XML clipboard export code path for something like this.

possibly just IE/MathPlayer at present. It requires a specific "flavour"
on the clipboard flagging it as mathml we've tried to document the
necessary information in the mml3 draft here

But there are people on thiis lists who know a lot more about clipboard
formats than me, so don't push me for details, someone who knows what
they are talking about will no doubt pick up on this next week.

> Is OpenMath actually used on the Web?
No because widespread support for mathml anoated with other xml formats
isn't exactly widely available. Actually I expect to see less OM than
ever after OM3/MathML3 as basically we are aiming to bring these two
into such close alignment that they are simply different serialisatins
of the same thing, so in a web cotext you may as well use the mathml
form. But as I just replied to Ian, annotation-xml for anotation
presentation mathml with content is used a lot, and anotation is often
used to anotate mathematics with alterative (ofetn original source)
forms suct as openofiiceorg syntax, or maple, or TeX...

> So far it looks like it would make  more sense to assume that
> browser-targeting authors use annotation-xml  for SVG or XHTML, so we
> might as well open a new <body>-like HTML parsing scope in there (with
> <svg> in turn establishing an SVG scope straight away).

details can certainly be discussed, and at that level might best be
discussed with people who are better aware of the implementation
consequences of the varius options than I am. 

> Do those cases allow the elements from the different vocabularies to  
> intermingle without an annotation-xml scope?

as far as I know they leave it unspecified.By default the formats don't
include mathml, they just suggest to the user that they "use mathml" if
they have documents with a lot of maths, so it's u to the user whether
they include mathml in a way that allows the host language to be
embedded (directly or in anotation-xml)


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