Re: Exploring new vocabularies for HTML

Bruce Miller <> writes:

> On the other hand, I've seen that this provides exactly the
> escape hatch that allows "It's optional, small market, ignore it".
> Sorry, but Math _is_ special....
> No, I take that back, rather,
>    Math is _NOT_ special;  it's totally normal!!
> Acting like it's special gives us a generation of
> kids capable of pushing a Hamburger picture button
> on a cash register, but can't calculate 5% tax on $1.00.
> [Sorry for the rant :> ]

It's a rant needed on behalf of the 49.5 million U.S. kids referenced
by Karl Dubost.

By the way U.S. kids, as a national group at the secondary level, now
rank about 25th.

And, for all the time they spend on the web, almost all of them have
never seen any math there because (1) so many of them have browsers
that don't presently support math and (2) when they do have browsers
that support math, most of the time, they have to do download this or
that in order to make it work.

                                    -- Bill

Received on Monday, 31 March 2008 21:19:12 UTC