Vector graphics in format and via protocol of X11

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Element SCENE make additional connection (on protocol of
X11 Window System and via 6000 TCP-port by default),
sends hidden tree of elements via it (including hidden
elements FIELD, FILE) in time, when pictures are loaded
(i.e. during loading of document or after pressing of
button of browser).

<scene src="x11://">
  <a attr="k">
    <d something="m">

In answer, browser gets data to construct 3-dimensional scene
via this connection, on this protocol, and in the same format
("X11 Window System"); and _display_ this scene instead of
element SCENE. Motions of mouse inside this scene send
corresponding X11-requests via the same connection, and server
returns X11-replys and thus changes 3-dimensional scene.

  <a attr="k">
    <d something="m">

If it's possible to distinguish messages of HTTP and X11,
than it's possible to use both of protocols in one

Necessary diagrams are on the
Some additional information, useful for understanding,
is in slides #132-181 of

Dmitry Turin
HTML6     (6. 8.0)
SQL5      (5.12.1)
Unicode7  (7. 3.0)
Computer2 (2. 5.0)

Received on Monday, 24 March 2008 10:44:23 UTC