Re: Smart span algorithm for table cells

Ben 'Cerbera' Millard wrote:
> James Graham wrote:
>> A summary of the current iteration of the smart headers algorithm for 
>> associating table cells with heading cells. The essential idea is that 
>> headings only apply down/across the table as long as there are no 
>> other heading with the same colspan/rowspan. The following is a 
>> summary of the code at [1]; it probably contains mistakes. The writing 
>> style is very inconsistent, for which I apologize :)
> You've done a much better job of defining it than I could. :-)
> Has this code found its way into the [Table Inspector]? That would 
> enable people to review its effectiveness.

Yes, it's the Smart Headers option in the Table Inspector [1]. In theory 
it has been designed to work with extant AT, so if Josh or someone wants 
to do some user testing for that audience, then that should be possible 
(and valuable).


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