Re: Exploring new vocabularies for HTML

On Mar 29, 2008, at 22:21, Ian Hickson wrote:
> <semantics> and <annotation-xml> are nice in theory, I agree, but  
> are they
> really necessary?

I think there's a great opportunity to use annotation-xml for tree  
builder scoping in a way that would create Gecko-compatible DOM trees-- 
like a foreignObject in SVG. I'm skeptical about using annotation-xml  
for actual annotations, though. (I really don't like using  
<annotation>/<annotation-xml> for smuggling proprietary or product- 
specific syntactic alternative for round-tripping that actually  
ignores MathML on import.)

> Something else that would be useful is a summary of the MathML  
> schema. I
> couldn't find anything human-readable in the MathML specs, and the  
> DTD is
> not optimised for casual reading. Is there anything like that  
> available?

There's a RELAX NG Compact Syntax schema for MathML 2.0 in's source repository (derived from Yutaka Furubayashi's  
RELAX NG schema; converted to RNC and tweaked by me for browser compat  
and annotation-xml subtrees). You may find it more readable than a DTD.
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Henri Sivonen

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